How to quickly find out how much your Fortnite lockers are worth and how much money you’ve spent?

Have you ever wondered much V-Bucks you spent in Fortnite? It does not need to be counted in any particular way.

Epic gives you the opportunity to view the history of your V-Bucks purchases, but hardly anyone has the time to count it all up. Especially since it doesn’t say anything about the value of the entire locker.

Thanks to the external side it is now possible. It immediately shows the value of the locker in V-Bucks. Thanks to this, you can also easily determine how much you spent on Epic Games production overall.

How to check it?

All this thanks to the external side, which has been used by players to complete challenges for a long time. A completely new option has been added there, allowing you to preview your locker.

By accessing in a proper way and linking your accounts, you can see how much you have spent in total or in a given season. It also tells you when the account was created.

Players have already started sharing links en masse. Everyone can also set whether their account should be generally visible or not.

It’s an easy way to determine the value of your locker. So how do you do it?

  • We go on
  • Then go to my locker in the upper right corner. The website will ask us to log in with an Epic Games account.

Here, the decision is yours only. is known well by players and there have never been problems with it, but nonetheless, it is a third-party service unrelated to Epic Games. Linking accounts always carries some risk. So it’s worth considering whether after connecting and checking the value it is not worth logging out from your account and changing your password – just to be sure.

Next, we have a preview of how much we spent. Some people are terrified by how much they spent, others are glad they spent so little.