How to unlock a free Fortnite Lobby Track? New cooperation and mini-event

Everything is clear, it is already known where the code for the strange graffiti came from.

Epic has partnered with Easy Life (music band) and a special mini-event will appear in Creative Mode. Some things can be done now, others will have to wait.

Of course, players are most interested in free items, and we have a total of two of these. One is the graffiti you know about from the previous article, the other is the “UFO & Aliens” music pack.

Also, all players who complete the easy life at The O2 experience will receive the UFOs & Aliens Lobby Track, a special collab between easy life and the Fortnite Sound Team.

What and how to unlock?

Graffiti code:


It is a bit worse with the music pack because from what we read, you have to appear at the event itself. This will run from June 24-27, 2021. The island code is 2500-3882-9781.

Here is a summary of the attractions you can participate in now and from June 24:

  • The Venue: At The O2 Island in Creative, you can find mini-games, rides, and other attractions. To get there, players can enter a portal in the Welcome Hub or enter the Creative Island code 2500-3882-9781.
  • easy life Performs: Starting at 3:30 PM ET on June 24, 2021, a portal will open up at The O2 Island, leading to a show by breakout band easy life. You’ll also be able to access the show via the “EASY LIFE AT THE O2” playlist tile or a featured portal in the Welcome Hub.
  • No Ordinary Show: As you interact with the show, you’ll be taken on a helter-skelter ride into the imagination of easy life. It’s a full-on interactive experience where you’ll constantly be on the move!
    The show will feature songs from easy life’s new album “life’s a beach.” With a set length of approx. 20 minutes, players have an eventful journey to look forward to in Creative.
  • Better than a Band T-Shirt: At The O2 Island are signs displaying a redemption code for the Squeezy Life Spray. Make your way to the “O2 Blueroom” to find the redemption code. As a souvenir of the experience, players are able to redeem this new Spray at starting now.
    Also, all players who complete the easy life at The O2 experience will receive the UFOs & Aliens Lobby Track, a special collab between easy life and the Fortnite Sound Team.
  • Encore, On-Demand: The O2 Island and easy life at The O2 experience will be available until 7 PM ET on June 27, so don’t worry if you can’t jump in right away.
  • Shoutouts: The O2 Island and easy life at The O2 experience were built by O2, lead community creator Wert, and additional creators DolphinDom, KKSlider, and Hellraiser.

Fortnite will probably be promoting it somehow, so you won’t miss anything.