How to unlock a free umbrella in Fortnite? Just win the game in this mode

With Update 16.40, a new umbrella has also been added, which can be unlocked in one of the game modes.

Fortnite will have a game mode called “Daybreak”. Some of its details have already been discovered, including the loading screen. And although it is nice, everyone will definitely be interested in something completely different.

Update 16.40:

How to get a free umbrella?

It turns out that with this mode there will be a special challenge in which each player will be able to unlock a special umbrella. It’s hard to say if “Daybreak” will be turned on immediately after the servers are turned opn, but there is a chance.

For winning the game, everyone will receive two things:

  • An umbrella,
  • Loading screen.

Perhaps the mode will be unlocked around 3:00 p.m., or maybe Epic will want to wait a little longer with it – unfortunately, this is not known at the moment.