How to unlock Lara Croft golden style for free in Fortnite? Few people can do it today

Players can already earn Lara Croft’s Golden Style, but it’s really hard.

The reason why it’s so hard to get this style at the moment is just other players. Everyone wants to get this style, which results in the accumulation of several dozen players in one small place.

It is specifically about the small island of Oro. Orelia is in there, and you simply need to eliminate her. Taking her weapon, more specifically the golden Scar will make us pass the golden style challenge.

How to do it?

In theory, this is a simple task. We take weapons, eliminate NPCs and that’s it. In practice, it turns out that we have to face dozens of other players. The best tactic is to move the server to, for example, Oceania, quickly pick up a weapon and lurk around.

Orelia starts attacking when she picks up her weapon and can really surprise with her power. It is worth remembering when we are there without materials and without weapons.

If you are in no rush, you can of course wait. It should be easier in a few hours. At this point, grabbing Scar and eliminating the NPCs is literally a miracle.