How to unlock these 4 free Fortnite items? From today it is possible

Fortnite players have the chance to claim some free items again.

Every now and then, in Fortnite, a lot of cosmetic items suddenly appear completely for free. Now, of course, most of this type of information concerns graffiti codes or a new event – Cosmic Summer

In addition, there are FNCS matches that also allow you to get a total of 4 free items. You will never use most of them, but a backpack is always something interesting.

FNCS 2021 Drops in Fortnite

It’s all about watching the streams on Twitch. There are four prizes and they can all be won on a different day.

  • Today – Emoji,
  • Tomorrow – Graffiti,
  • On Friday – Loading screen,
  • Prize Pack – Saturday.

How to get it? You must watch Twitch streams with drops enabled. How to recognize them? It is best to simply mark “drops on” in the sorting.

The backpack seems to be the most interesting of all this, although it is just another version that differs from the previous ones only in terms of colors.

This is another action in which you can pick up something for free, but by default, they are not incredibly interesting items that everyone would like to have.