How to unlock this free Fortnite emote? Epic has published a special trailer

A new emote is coming to Fortnite and you can get it for free.

Epic is not slowing down when it comes to free items in the ongoing event called Cosmic Summer. The main prize for completing all the challenges will be a free emote called “Lil ‘Treat”.

Obviously, getting it requires you to complete all available challenges during the event. It is not known if the emote will later be in the store, but there is a chance that it will remain unique in some way.

Free Fortnite Emote

Since the emote is known to everyone, Epic has released a special preview for it. The following clip was added on social media:

The emote is special in some ways. It is the first that Epic Games added in season 7.

If you do not do challenges at all, and you want to have it, it is worth getting interested in the event.