How to unlock three free Fortnite items as part of the new mini-event?

Players were once again given the opportunity to get free gifts.

Epic once again gives players the opportunity to unlock additional cosmetic items. However, it is very well hidden again, so people who do not follow literally everything will probably completely miss this mini-event.

Is it worth being interested in? The two prizes are rather average, but the gifts also include painting – which makes it worth spending a little time.

What do you have to do?

This is the “Lantern Trials” event where you get your first prize just for joining.

Then you earn more badges, track your progress, and unlock more items. There are three in total. Spray, Emote and Paint:

What do you have to do?

  • You go to the official website
  • You join the event
  • You collect badges by winning new awards

It is not all complicated, so everyone should be able to handle it without too much difficulty.

The number of people who can sign up is limited. Epic only expects a million players, so hurry up.