How will the UFOs work directly in Fortnite? Kidnapping players or the entire squad and…

Things get really interesting in Fortnite. Not only when it comes to posters, phone numbers, spectrograms, but also what will appear in the game.

There is a good chance that we are talking about one and the same thread related to aliens. However, as long as there is no specific confirmation, it should be treated as circumstantial evidence. What are we talking about?

And although it is all interesting, so far it has no effect on the gameplay itself. But that may change soon.

How will the UFOs work in Fortnite?

Let us remind you that yesterday in the files there was at least some information that aliens will appear in Fortnite. We have, among others, the animation of “kidnapping” or the icon of a spaceship.

Now leakers are announcing how this is likely to work. There is currently no talk of cosmic skins, entire cities, etc. It’s all about spacecraft. As reported by HYPEX:

  • Spaceships will appear in the game.
  • These are supposed to spawn in random places.
  • The UFOs will kidnap players or squads and teleport them elsewhere.
  • The teleport location is likely to be random, but there is a chance the player will be able to choose it.
  • Players will recover health and armor while teleporting.

It sounds like something that will change Fortnite a lot. It’s hard to tell if we’re talking about a temporary mode here or Battle Royale.