Huge car nerf in Fortnite. Preparing to launch a new vehicle?

Overnight, Epic made the decision to roll out a bugfix to the servers.

The developers have apparently recognized that there is a lot of mobility in Fortnite at the moment. As a result, the vehicles were taken up for changes. Epic has made an additional update to the servers tonight that changes two things in total.

The good news is that the changes have been made on the server’s side, so there’s no need to download any extra files.

What changed?

Cars now have half the chance to spawn. It’s really a lot and you will feel it very clearly in your games.

  • Car respawn rate reduced by 50%.

This nerf comes with a second change, this one is for vehicles ready to be introduced.

  • The spawn rate of cars with tires has been increased.

Epic did not say where the sudden changes came from, but you can guess that it is really about mobility. For many months, developers have been struggling with the fact that there is more of this mobility, and here it was suddenly decided that there was too much of it with UFOs.

Of course, it is possible that we will see more changes soon. Information about the new vehicle appeared in the files, so who knows if it is a preparation for its introduction. However, this is only a theory so far that remains largely unsubstantiated.