If you have this skin in Fortnite, you can get an additional style for it soon

Epic had a slip-up, which resulted in revealing an additional style to one of the skins.

It turns out that one of the skins will probably get another style in the next cycles. We do not yet know whether it will be available for purchase or whether it will be possible to obtain it as part of some challenge.

The information is from a rather unusual source, straight from Epic Games. Studio accidentally added a skin style to the store that is not yet in the game. This is specifically about the Astro.

The red version of the skin

A completely different red version of this skin has appeared in the store today. Epic noticed this error after a few minutes, which resulted in a relevant message directly on the Fortnite Status profile.

In it, it reads that a skin that has not yet been introduced has been added by mistake. However, it has not been commented on whether it will be available for purchase, is a free style as part of the challenges, or just a skin refresh.

If you have this skin, it’s worth following this topic. Perhaps you will actually get something free soon.