If you have this skin in Fortnite, you will probably get a free style soon

Today, players who own a Manic got two styles. According to leakerów, this is not the end of surprises when it comes to additional styles.

Today, some people were very happy after turning on Fortnite. All because of the two free styles that the owners of the skin called “Manic” got. Unfortunately, initial leaks about the free backpack and pickaxes were not confirmed, so only the styles remained free.

It looks like this will not be the only skin that will receive free styles. Leakers are already reporting on another skin that will likely be treated the same way.

Which skin will be next?

According to leakers, the skin known as “Tsuki” will receive an additional style. You can select it now, but for some reason it doesn’t have textures yet.

So it looks quite weird. Of course, the information that it will be for free is not yet confirmed. It may be the same as with Manic, i.e. style for free, and additional items to be paid for, but so far these are only speculations.

This is one of many leaks as to what to expect in the coming days. Despite the fact that several hours have passed since patch 16.30, people searching the files keep sending something new. So you can expect that the next days will be very intense.