If you’ve had these skins in Fortnite, you’ve just got free styles for them

Two skins got new styles today, free of course.

Epic periodically refreshes the skins it chooses, adding other styles to them, for example. There is no “formula” for it, sometimes some skins get extra styles completely free of charge out of nowhere.

This was also the case with today’s update. In total, the lucky ones got three additional styles for cosmetic items, two of which are skins.

Free styles from Epic

You don’t need to do anything to pick up these styles. Just log in and the styles will be automatically granted. A screen with the whole summary will pop up in a classic way.

Skins with additional styles are:

  • Axo
  • Birdie

The third cosmetic item is a backpack that most players probably have:

It is definitely a nice gesture for everyone who has had the skin and the backpack itself. Axo is really often in the store, the same goes with Birdie. You can buy these skins every several days.