It is known what the alien cube looks like directly in the game. Upcoming Fortnite Item

The nanite can actually be introduced at any time, even today.

Several different items are coming to Fortnite, including the “Alien Nanites”. Its name will likely be different, but everyone knows what’s going on. This is an item that is likely to lower gravity in an area.

  • Creates a field with limited gravity.
  • Throws a player into the air if they keep jumping.

How does this item appear in-game?

Leakers managed to recreate the appearance of the cube directly in the game. Thanks to this, you know what it should look like.

The name you see here is “Alien Nanites”, it looks very interesting and it is actually easiest to describe this item as a cube.

Now, all we have to do is wait. Today is Tuesday, a week has passed since Update 17.10, so maybe there will be something new. Of course, this is not confirmed, because it is worth remembering that Epic currently has a vacation period.