It is possible that a secret skin for the Fortnite Season 7 Pass has leaked, but that’s not yet confirmed

There is information about the skin that is supposed to be delivered to Fortnite in season 7.

This news must be treated with distance. Although Donald Mustard himself used to announce a skin this way, the source is not the game files. However, we warn you that it may come to life, so further reading may be a spoiler.

It is not known whether we are talking about a special skin for Season 7 or a skin that will be included in the Battle Pass.

Skin for Fortnite Season 7

The biggest leakers reported that Wonder Woman skin may appear in season 7. This is nothing amazing and everyone expected that sooner or later such a skin would come into the game.

This message already has several different versions. From various leakers you can read that:

  • This will be a Season 7 special skin
  • This will be the regular skin that appears in the store
  • It will be a skin as part of the season 7 pass

It is worth mentioning, however, that the theme of season 7 remains unknown at the moment. There is absolutely no indication that it is to be inspired by DC in any way.

Also, the source itself is not certain. Such a message could basically be created by anyone who followed the Fortnite topic at least a little.

A month ago, Donald Mustard deliberately showed Wonder Woman, thus letting us know that such a skin is in the process of being created.