It wasn’t supposed to be public. You can now join the challenge with free Fortnite items

The world probably knew too early about the new Fortnite challenge. As this is early information, not everything is working yet, but there is already big news.

The challenge is called the “Fortnite Leaderboard Challenge” and is created in cooperation with StreamElements (people associated with Twitch know exactly what it is about). StreamElements is a tool that allows you to manage streams, data, etc. It is thanks to it that players have this free wrap – CLICK.

Fortnite Leaderboard Challenge

So far, a special subpage has been prepared where you can link your Epic account with your StreamElements account.

As we learn from the FAQ, which is the list of answers to the most important questions, the challenge was supposed to start on August 23, but apparently something was moved because there is no information about it. The most interesting, however, is the description:

The Leaderboard Challenge is a unique challenge for Fortnite players. Watch streams of selected creators, complete challenges and earn in-game rewards.

It is written in the first point:

In the last paragraph, we read that this is about completing challenges. These should appear after logging in. At this point, an attempt to log in is connecting the account and the page with the error “error_1050”. Apparently, the site wasn’t meant to be public yet and has some technical issues.

After completing all the steps from the home page, nothing is shown at all except the challenge’s background.

Information about it is not public yet, although leakers managed to get to it. You can sign up for it, but it is not known:

  • When it starts
  • What exactly will it be about
  • What prizes are there to collect

If you really care, you can rewrite the address from the screen with an error (the address from the account connection does not work), otherwise, you can just wait. We will be sure to inform you if everything is already disclosed.