Leakers are convinced that it will be the new Fortnite Crew. Two skins have been decoded

Yesterday, two skins were decoded, both of them have a characteristic kitten, referring to one of the skins of the community.

Officially, it is not known yet what the next Fortnite Crew will look like, but people searching the game files have a lead. This is one of the community skins that will soon be in the game.

It has a very characteristic element in the form of a kitten, which was also discovered on freshly decoded skins. This information may be a spoiler, so be warned.

Another Fortnite Crew

Of course, you have to be cautious about this, as with all leaks. Skins that have been decoded are:

What does this have to do with the next crew? This is exactly what this kitten is about:

This kitten belongs to a skin known as “Ava” (yes, it looks similar to a skin already in the game, but it’s a different skin):

Leakers think this is a special reference to indicate that Ava will almost certainly be the next skin for the Crew.

Now we just have to wait, either for the next leaks or for the official announcement of the skin by Epic.