More and more Kevin in Fortnite. These “orbs” will be used as a cover, lest the aliens find out

The news that Kevin will return is starting to prove more and more.

Leakers in the replay mode discovered that Fortnite will introduce “balls”, which are to be part of one of the challenges. Thanks to the leak of voice lines, we know that these spheres will be used to “disguise” cargo from the Corn Complex.

Interestingly, the spheres have a very familiar texture, because they look like Kevin. It is very possible that this is another clue confirming the arrival of the cube.

Kevin’s orbs in Fortnite

You can clearly see the runes on these spheres, so there is no mistake here. In the future, players will receive a special challenge to collect all of these balls and “disguise” the cargo into them. It’s hard to say what “disguise” means, but it’s probably about confusing the Aliens.

The current plan is likely to mask the cargo in such a way that the Aliens will not realize that it will end up in their mothership.

It is very interesting and it looks like Epic will soon start revealing the plan to destroy the Aliens. So far, all theories and guesses are based only on unconfirmed leaks.

At this point, leakers are talking about three such orbs, positioned around the Corn Complex.