Nanites brought back meta to Fortnite that only OG players will remember

Do you remember the times of Fortnite when new ways to play were created every now and then?

Back in the day, the meta in Fortnite was mostly about having a good time not winning. Everyone remembers very well flying on rockets or building up to the top in the final phase of the game.

Interestingly, the Nanites made players end their matches in an unusual way again. Of course, it doesn’t work out all the time, but it’s still very rewarding. How does it work?

Skybase in Fortnite

Nanite is a new item in Fortnite that allows you to create a zone with limited gravity. The players came up with a creative way to use this feature and build a classic skybase in the final stages of the game.

Of course, the opponents will try to destroy all possible structures, which is why Nanites are key in this tactic. Everyone knows that high ground is the best position possible and the easiest way to take out your opponents. So it has the right to succeed.

However, this is not something that will be used in tournaments. Nanites are disabled in competitive modes. However, you can see that such a skybase works and is most suitable for trolling or YouTube videos.

Is it worth using? If you are bored in the current Fortnite, you can try it if you can handle it. Correctly using this, however, will not be as easy as it may seem.