Naruto and Dragon Ball skin leaks in Fortnite. Epic was to work with the publisher

According to leakers, at least a few anime and manga-related cosmetics are coming to Fortnite.

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about a possible Naruto skin, and it looks like it is slowly starting to materialize. Several independent people report that Epic has partnered with Shueisha, according to “trusted sources”.

As we read, this can mean many interesting cosmetic items that refer to both popular anime and manga.

Naruto, Dragon Ball in Fortnite?

This information does not come directly from the files, so should be handled with extra care. However, the popular leakers write:

It means that Fortnite skins from the anime are headed for Fortnite, but it is not yet known for sure what Epic will decide on and whether the whole cooperation will finally come to fruition. However, there is a great chance for this.

Emotions are only cooled by the fact that it is about a “trusted source”, and you know what it is like with these sources. Sometimes the information provided by such “persons” turns out to be half-truths. Sometimes it was also the case that despite some kind of cooperation being decided on, it ultimately didn’t come to life.

Of course, it is too early to even start a discussion about possible dates. It is more a matter of months or weeks than days. Maybe it is a plan for the new season, or maybe for the next chapter – this is not known.