New Fortnite event. Here are the “Wild Weeks”. Return of weapons, change of equipment and more

Fortnite will soon start what can be called an event of some kind.

Everyone associates events with free items, but these are not available this time – at least for the moment. It’s all about the changes that will take place in the game. Everything is to be divided into specific weeks.

According to Epic, the “theme” will change every week. The first 7 days are to be about fire. What is going on?

What will change?

First of all, “Rocket launcher” from Chapter 2 Season 3 returns.

Fireflies and Flame Bows will heat up the action with their greater availability, and the Flare Gun from Chapter 2 Season 3 has made a rekindled return! It’s never been easier to set enemy structures ablaze, which is fitting when you consider this week’s Legendary Quest. Additionally, fire will deal more damage and spread faster than before.

However, the mentioned event has not yet started, Epic is currently in the announcement and preparation phase. The Wild Weeks will enter the game from 04:00 PM UTC on May 13, 2021. The next Wild Weeks will begin on May 13, 20, and June 3.

This is Epic’s way of keeping the gameplay fresh. It can be expected that we will have more weapons later. It is not known yet whether the developers will stick to the “elements” theme. If so, it could be really interesting.