New handy feature coming to Fortnite to limit “Notification Spam”

Leakers report that Epic plans to change notification features.

League of Legends players have had a similar problem recently. People were deliberately spamming notifications with invitations to friends or teams on Clash, effectively preventing the game from happening.

Something similar is happening in Fortnite, and the developers have finally decided to take up the matter. The information from people searching the game files shows that Epic will separate notifications for those regarding the parties and those regarding invitations to friends.

What will change?

It is not known if these are all changes, but at the moment only this much is known about them. One of the options will hide notifications about friends, the other will hide notifications about teams.

The appearance of all this will not be extremely advanced, but it is worth reviewing the options in some time to disable one or the other invitations.

This will be useful primarily for people who stream or are recognizable. This should help with live broadcasts but also recording videos.

These options can be introduced at any time, even in minutes or hours, as everything looks to be ready.