New posters, TVs and more, what is known about the Fortnite Season 6 End Event?

A collection of information on the new Fortnite event.

After each update in Fortnite, players begin scouring the map for news and surprises. Especially when the current season is coming to an end and Epic Games adds tips about the upcoming event.

This time, the community discovered TVs that will display a UFO theme, mysterious posters, and changes to a popular spot. What is known at the moment?

A collection of information about the new event

In addition to a lot of additional content in the form of skins, three new items and more, the game has numerous changes. Among other things, we can find TV sets scattered around the map: a new event

The TV sets themselves will be associated with the challenges ahead. Of course, since we have a screen, there is also an image. The displayed graphics should look like this:

There are indications that they may have a countdown to the start of a new season or event, as was the case with the rocket at the end of 2019.

On the walls of the buildings, there are also posters with a globe surrounded by aliens and people holding hands, which may suggest that they will probably be positive towards players.

In addition, the Colossal Crops and the cereal fields have changed. Some noted that this could be a reference to alien movies creating weird circles in the crop. Perhaps these will appear in Fortnite in the future, but at the moment these are only speculations.

All this is connected with the challenges and the helicopter that is on the map at the moment. According to the challenges, players will have to destroy televisions, also steal the recording:

It all sounds really interesting. You can expect something to start happening in a few days.