New Tilted Towers coming to Fortnite? The theory about aliens building their own city

Since yesterday, all sorts of better and worse theories of what to expect in the weeks to come have continued.

All players perfectly know the Tilted Towers and the characteristic clock that was on one of the buildings.

Some probably noticed that yesterday exactly this building was included in one of the graphic trailers. This, of course, gave rise to a lot of speculation.

Tilted Towers in a different edition?

There are several different theories in the community today. One of the most popular ones says that aliens will use some elements from the island and create their own city based on them. This would explain why there are several different buildings here.

However, it is worth remembering another version of Gotham City, which still has a chance to appear in season 7. Perhaps these threads are interconnected, or perhaps the aliens have nothing to do with what happened in the comics.

There is also a chance that we’re just talking about the Skeletal Remains here, which are commonly referred to as the sixth version of the Tilted Towers. It is possible that the tower will be rebuilt there and this will end this story.