No more guesswork about comics. This Fortnite rewards from comics you can expect

After several days of guesswork, speculation, and leaks, we finally know all about comics in Fortnite and code rewards.

This case has definitely been one of the loudest in recent days. All because new information on this subject was coming out every now and then. Backpack here, glider here, skin there. Everyone was getting fed up with it.

For this reason, practically everything is known at this point. There is a dispute with the glider, but that’s just a detail.

All the rewards you can expect

Let’s remind quickly: players buy comics in which there are codes for Fortnite items.

The items inside, in fact, are in a way free, because they are an addition to the comic. It is known, however, that everyone buys them because of the unique cosmetic accessories. It seems that only the Batman skin will probably be unique. The rest of the items will appear in the shop as normal, and these will be:

The only question mark is one of the gliders. There are completely different ones in the comic book and it can get to the game, not the one presented by “MattTheo_”

And that’s it for this thread. Add to that the Batman skin that was recently unveiled in the trailer and we’ve got a full set. Now all you have to do is wait for the premieres of all comics and decide in turn whether it is worth buying them separately or not.