Official description of the 16.20 update. The technical break will last longer than usual

Epic has already announced what to expect from today’s update.

The maintenance break will start earlier than usual today. Already at 2:00 am EDT the servers will be shut down. Matching will be turned off from 1:30 am. The update will be really unusual.

In addition to starting earlier, downloadable content will only be available a few hours after the maintenance break begins. However, it is not known why.

What do you need to know about the update?

As we read on the official Discord server, update v16.20 will bring:

  • A different look and modification of cars thanks to new vehicle wheels,
  • Arrows! Sharpen your skills with bows and get ready for a special Tournament in pair mode,
  • 50 player matchmaking in Creative Mode

Epic also mentions some important things to know:

  • The technical break will start at 02:00 EDT (different than usual),
  • The technical break will be longer than usual,
  • The downloadable update will not be released until a few hours after the start of the maintenance