Official Playstation account shows Neymar’s Fortnite skin? Well, not really

The official Playstation account had an unusual slip-up that put the Fortnite community upright.

What do you usually associate slip-ups of the largest companies? Of course, with showing the graphics referring to the next seasons or skins, which definitely should not be shown too early.

This time, the official Instagram account, “Playstation Latam”, posted a promotional image with Neymar. This, of course, aroused great interest.

Except it’s not a real skin

When an official account posts this sort of thing, it usually means it’s just a skin leak. This time, however, it was not the case.

The account manager used Neymar’s artwork from the Internet, using a fan proposition. So while it looks pretty official, it’s not this season’s secret skin.

Currently, you can find a lot of false information on the Internet that this is a leak and that this is what Neymar will look like in the game. It is worth knowing that this is false information and should not be taken seriously.

The skin will be revealed soon and of course, it may resemble this concept, but at the moment it is just another player’s suggestion.