Officially, here’s the new Fortnite Crew for August 2021. Leaks and theories have just been confirmed

Epic officially announced the next Fortnite Crew.

According to the leaks, we are talking about Skye here. Indeed, Epic decided to introduce a skin based on players’ concepts.

“Always seeking adventure, Skye takes a casual new persona for a summer spree. Joining Fortnite Crew before summer wraps up, Summer Skye and her Set arrive in August 2021’s Crew Pack!”

Most people who read Mixrod already knew about it, it is only a confirmation of previous information and finally the official presentation of cosmetic items.

Summer Skye in Fortnite

The pack will go to active members of the team around 8 PM ET on July 31. Inspired by the conceptual graphics of Fortnite player nollobandz, the set includes:

  • Summer Skye Outfit
  • the Cursed Eagleshield Back Bling (emblazoned with a new winged friend)
  • the single-wield Epic Sword of Might Pickaxe
  • the Meowscles-adorned Pspspsps! Wrap
  • the Shadow Meowscles-adorned Cattitude Wrap
  • the Afternoon Quest Loading Screen.

Fitting for the unpredictable summer weather, Summer Skye comes with the sinister Stormy Skye Style. The Cattitude Wrap matches the Stormy Skye Style and the Pspspsps! Wrap matches the base Style. Also, if you want to be a bit more traditional, you can choose to put Skye’s classic hat on!