One of the items in Fortnite will get 12 styles. Unfortunately, this is not about the new Crew

Even before the Loki skin was revealed, leakers reported that the next Fortnite Crew skin may have additional styles unlocked with the increasing subscription period.

On the one hand, the skin was supposed to get additional styles, on the other hand, a small bugfix was introduced to Fortnite a few dozen minutes ago, adding information about the upcoming 12 styles to one of the items.

Unfortunately, the players’ euphoria did not last long. Hotfix added the text:

“12 new styles!”

But all indications are that this has nothing to do with the Fortnite Crew skin, but one of the backpacks.

12 styles, but for what?

It is specifically a backpack called “BirthStone Backbling”. This is what it looks like:

This means that in the next store, or one of the next, there will be a “Scuba Crystal” skin to which this backpack belongs.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Loki won’t get any extra style for sure, the leaks are still up-to-date. So far, however, there is no, even the smallest, mention of it in the official information.