One of these two weapons could be in Fortnite in the coming week

The first week has passed with the new season 7. According to leaks, one of the two weapons may be added to the game soon.

Currently, quite a lot is known about the weapons that may appear in Season 7. Let us remind you that these are:

  • Rick’s weapon will pick up items and throw them a certain distance. It is possible that it will be a mythical weapon.
  • Then we have the Plasma Shotgun. The way it works is also generally known because it is a Save the World weapon.
  • The cube on the right is the biggest puzzle. According to leakers, it could be a throwable that somehow affects the gravity around it.

Added to this is a large rifle that has not yet been added to the files.

Another weapon and the best chance of its introduction in the next update

Now HYPEX, one of the popular leakers, informs about two weapons that he believes may appear in the near future.

This is “Cowinator”, Rick’s weapon that will be able to pick up and toss objects. It was already known about and according to leaks, it is really ready to be released. The second weapon is the “Prop Gun”, which turns players into different items and “alarms” nearby enemies every 30 seconds. It is nothing new, it is more like a return to an old concept and a special game mode.

According to people who search files, these two weapons have the best chance of entering next week. Whether it will come true is hard to say at the moment.