Only two years after this item was taken, players realized that …

Sometimes it is so that players only discover certain things when they are long gone.

The bushes were withdrawn from Fortnite a long time ago. Let us remind you that the last time they were available was in the first chapter. Epic decided to withdraw them with the release of the first season of the second chapter.

However, this item is still present, for example in the creative mode. Therefore, players can show something that very few people knew and still know. What exactly is it about?

The bushes change their colors

Reddit user with the nickname “IOnlyDropRiskyReels” shared with players a video that shows a unique feature of bushes. These change their color depending on the biome they are in. Unfortunately, today you won’t experience this during normal gameplay in the Battle Royale mode.

From the comments, you can see that very few people knew about it. No wonder, no one paid much attention to the changing colors of the bushes. It doesn’t really matter for Fortnite or what’s going on at the moment. Epic has not commented on this topic in any way, so we have to treat it simply as a pure curiosity.