Players discovered how to destroy the Alien Vault in Fortnite. There is one skin that can do this

There is a chance that the skin will be disabled, but it is unlikely to happen.

Season 7 introduced us to a UFO and a lot of different types of mechanics. One of them is, of course, the mother ship, which kidnaps players and takes them to an alien experiment. There is also a vault inside the UFO.

Now players have discovered that there is one skin that can destroy the vault. However, this is a bug and of course, you should remember that using exploits or bugs in order to gain an advantage can even result in a ban.

A skin that allows you to destroy a vault

It’s about Wolverine’s skin, more specifically his emote. It turns out that thanks to it, players are able to destroy the UFO treasury. It is very possible that it will be fixed soon, but at the moment it works.

In brief:

  • You’re wearing Wolverine skin,
  • You let yourselves be kidnapped by the mother ship,
  • You use the Wolverine emote directly in the mini-game,
  • You hold the fire button for 10 seconds
  • After moving it to the vault, you can destroy it as you like.

You will probably have to wait until update 17.20, which is next week, to fix this bug. There is also a chance that the skin or emote will be temporarily disabled, but there is no official information on this yet.