Players furious with the new skin from the Fortnite Crew. You can lose a fight because of it

There is a lot of talk about Pay2Win skins in the Fortnite community, this time it can be said that Loki’s skin is Pay2Lose.

Many times Fortnite players have asked to be able to test specific skins before purchasing them. Mainly because some skins can surprise you, positively and negatively

In the case of the new Crew Pack, many people pay attention to the “horns”, which in some situations cover a lot, even too much. And it doesn’t just happen when you shoot someone.

In this situation, the character covers everything behind the tree. And that’s not the biggest problem, but people also pay attention to it.

Shooting with this skin is… Difficult

Just look at this situation below. The character covers the opponent with his horns, which makes hitting him very difficult. The only question is whether it could have been done better/differently? When you buy this skin, you must come to terms with it.

Or wait for the “transparent” head to be introduced, i.e. the skin’s partial disappearance when the screen is zoomed in.

Can you say it’s pure “Pay2Lose”? Probably not, but it is hardly surprising that players are irritated by this turn of events. Many people, however, focus on the maximum transparency of the skins, their slender shapes, etc. In this case, it is difficult to talk about it when there are two protruding elements in the way.

Especially that it is about the “high ground” position, which is theoretically the best possible one. Looking at the opponent, in theory, we should have the greatest advantage over him. In this situation, it is surely not the case.