Playstation has already added an event preview in Fortnite. Coral Castle looks different on it

In fact it is confirmed that we are talking about a 2 week event here and not just one small occurence.

Always before the events, Playstation provides something like a summary of the event. This is a short sneak peek of the dates, which usually doesn’t add anything amazing. Mainly because the duration given there is very rounded.

This time it is a bit different. First of all, it is confirmed that the event will last two weeks, until July 5 in total, probably until 12:00 AM EDT, but this will still be verified.

Upcoming Fortnite event

In this announcement, the final name of the event “Cosmic Summer” is interesting – it is definitely not a one-off event like a concert etc.

In addition, we see the changed Coral Castle in the background. It didn’t change much, but Epic actually used a different look. It is possible that the event will change this place and it will be destroyed only after these two weeks.

Now all you have to do is wait for the upcoming event. As a reminder, it is scheduled to start on Tuesday, probably after the 17.10 update, at 9:00 AM EDT.