Presentation of the new Fortnite Crew skin for June 2021 in the game. Skin and all styles

Earlier we got to know the appearance of the skin and cosmetic items “dry”. Now we have the opportunity to take a look at how the skin with styles will look directly in the game.

Another Fortnite Crew is heading to Fortnite. As guessed, there is a Mecha version of the Cuddle Team Leader. And although it is known what the skin looks like, now leakers show it directly in-game.

Some players could completely miss the fact that the skin has several additional styles, which of course will be unlocked by everyone who pays the subscription.

What do these skins look like in the game?

You can choose from three different styles. The basic one is pink, of course, but a few more variants have been added that look pretty good too.

For now, it looks like players will buy this skin more due to the additional V-Bucks or Spotify, although the white version also gets quite a lot of positive feedback.

Maybe this is the secret. Since theoretically few people will buy this Crew, in some time this mechanical version may become somehow unique. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way, but it can.