The world record for building speed in Fortnite has probably been broken. Over 1000 edits per second

Moving away from the topic of leaks and information regarding season 8, a very unusual record was broken in Fortnite.

You cannot speak of an official record here, because of course, there is no such ranking. Moreover, more than 1000 edits per second are not done by a human. The YouTuber admits that in order to get such a result, he had to use a macro software.

What is macro? It allows you to program sequences of buttons so that you can use a given key or mouse button in the fastest possible way. Thanks to this, YouTuber “Brux” managed to exceed the number of 1000 editions per second.

What does it look like?

Of course, no man is able to repeat it. Youtuber himself speaks openly about the software and explains that he only used it for the purpose of creating the material below. What does it show? It starts “innocently” enough to then pick up the pace considerably.

The video quickly reached over 800,000 views and it is hardly surprising. This is very unusual and even the machine will have a problem to break through a total of 1052 edits per second.

The macro itself has been a problem for a long time. Let us remind you that using it during the games may result in the account being blocked. Back in December 2020, Epic officially announced that this is a scam.

The use of any macro in Fortnite is considered a form of cheating. Simply put, a macro is the use of a single press to perform a sequence of buttons. We will continue to ban players found using this software in the game.

The video itself, as well as the record, should be considered only as a curiosity and a demonstration of macro capabilities. Interestingly, the community points out that with such frequent editing, it would be easy to completely “throw out” the Fortnite server completely. However, it is difficult to say to what extent this is true. Rather, no one will be tempted to conduct such an experiment.

Can this YouTuber expect a ban? There is little chance of that, although of course there are some. However, this was not used during the match – the published material comes from the creative mode. In such situations, bans were awarded for using macro while playing with others – due to gaining an unfair advantage.