Samsung has likely started announcing a set of items that will appear in Fortnite

It looks like Samsung has started announcing its set in Fortnite.

A few days ago, we wrote that new cosmetic items are to enter Fortnite, probably intended for people with Samsung devices. Little has changed in this matter, i.e.:

  • It is still unknown whether these items will only be for Samsung owners.
  • Will it be possible to win them in the tournament.
  • Will they appear in the store afterwards?

Samsung, however, began to share graphics on its profiles that are associated with Fortnite.

Samsung started announcing Fortnite news?

On the Spanish social profile there is a graphic referring to the cosmos and the “soon” emoji:

Rather, no one doubts that this is all about Fortnite and this set:

For now, we have to wait for some official information from Epic or Samsung. Players are waiting for an explanation of the issues related to the availability of these skins – whether they will be for free or will appear in the store.