Someone in Fortnite started calling for help. Gamers heard this voice when listening to the radio

Something is clearly starting to happen when it comes to Fortnite’s storyline.

Since Update 16.20, some disturbing story-related things have been happening in Fortnite. It is very possible that after a few weeks of silence something will finally move forward. Leakers noticed that a mysterious voice speaks to them while playing.

The first guesses fell on two people. Either Jonesy or the Foundation is calling for help. Then it all became clear.

Calling for help in Fortnite

These messages alone can be really scary. They are played in the same way in Creative Mode as in normal gameplay. Because of the fact that the leakers in the form of KaspolLeaks are from Poland, we can only hear how it sounds in their language.

You can clearly hear “pomocy” (Polish “help”) here. Twitter user KBrunatnya also recorded what it sounds like when playing in Creative Mode:

You can suspect that the story will move forward very soon, probably first due to challenges. The live event is still a long way off, but maybe Epic will surprise with something during the season, not at the end of it.