That’s how Jonesy changed in Fortnite. All of his incarnations so far you wouldn’t have come up with

Jonesy is one of the most important characters when it comes to Fortnite’s story.

Jonesy jest w grze od samego jej początku. To on występował na materiałach promocyjnych Battle Royale i w miarę upływaniu czasu, to właśnie z niego Epic zrobiło bohatera bezpośrednio wiązanego z fabułą.

Jonesy has been in the game from the very beginning. He was the one who appeared on the Battle Royale promotional materials and as time passed, it was Epic that made him a hero directly related to the plot.

Jonesy incarnations from Fortnite

The entry of the user “flapjack626” should be treated as a curiosity. There is no hidden theory here, no leaks, etc. It is simply a juxtaposition of Jonesy and his incarnations, subordinated to specific elements, characteristics, or states.

Jonesy will surely continue to be as important as ever. This is the skin with probably the most different versions, although the standard Fish Stick remains a developer favorite.