The appearance of the Fortnite skin that LeBron James will receive has been revealed. A skin with three different styles

We already got to know the look of the upcoming Fortnite icon.

Epic has been releasing skins from the “Fortnite Icon” series for a long time. They are popular people, streamers, musicians, and in this case also basketball players. LeBron James will not be released to the store until July 14, but it is already known what it should look like.

The skin will receive a total of three different styles. At the moment, it is not known whether they will need to be unlocked somehow thanks to challenges or they will appear in the inventory right away.

LeBron James in Fortnite

This skin evokes emotions mainly abroad. It will definitely not be a unique skin – a lot of people on Twitter, Youtube or Twitch declare buying it.

Now all you have to do is wait for July 14th. The question is also whether the leakers will be able to “extract” the look directly in the game and whether the skin is in the files at all. If not, then it means that we need to download additional files – and then maybe we will see some small, additional update.