The appearance of two Fortnite UFO effects leaked. What do they look like, what are they for?

Nearly everything is known about UFOs at the moment. Only small details remain to be discovered.

All Fortnite players are just waiting for UFOs to be added to the game. It is known what the space lobby should look like, how the kidnapping of players will work and look like. Recall that we explained this in this article:

Now we really have to wait for the entire event to start. Let us remind you that according to leakers, in season 6 we will not have a typical live event, and instead, something is to happen at the very start of S7.

New alien effects

It is all a bit like going back into the past. We have a countdown on the screens, there are leaks showing the appearance of light beams, in the background theories about the cube and the shape of the map. It’s literally as if we went back not even months, but years back.

Now comes the countdown and all those leaks come another. Fortnite file searchers show you what the two alien-related effects are supposed to look like. These are beams of light, possibly used to kidnap players.

Does it look weird? Of course. At the moment it is difficult to define what we are really looking at. If not a beam to kidnap, maybe some kind of attack, or just a laser. All of this will be clear soon. Although the official dates are not yet known, Epic is unlikely to wait for the end of the season.