The biggest leak in Fortnite history. Season 8 theme, pass skins, Ariana Grande, Naruto, monsters

This is probably the biggest leak to date in Fortnite.

If you lacked information about the future of Fortnite, a huge leak has just appeared. It comes from such a reliable source that if you don’t want to know the game’s future, we advise you not to read it.

The leak appeared on a subreddit dedicated strictly to Fortnite leaks. It was posted by a moderator who writes:

“We’ve been talking with other mods for a while with a leaker who was directly leaking information. His leaks were repeatedly right to such a degree that it’s impossible for anyone to guess it. I can personally say that I believe this person 100%.”

To confirm the credibility of the leak, there were also messages sent by the leaker before the 7th season. It looks like there may actually be real leaks. So be warned again, if you don’t want spoilers, don’t read it.

There are quite a few leaks, they apply to the new season as well as the next chapter.

Fortnite Season 8 and Chapter 3 leaks

All this has been summarized in sub-sections. It is worth mentioning that none of this information has been confirmed, these are just leaks, provided further by the subreddit moderator and from a source that leaked the S7, but still just leaks. The author himself adds that everything can still change on this topic.

  • Ariana Grande will have her skin and her concert. Epic has already tested the show internally
  • Justice League & Suicide Squad members will be added to the game
  • Epic is trying to get Naruto in the 8 season pass – it is not known if the talks will be successful
  • Weapon exploding Kunai will be added in Season 8

  • Cube (Kevin) will return at the end of Season 7 (controlled by an unknown character – The Queen, who will play an important role in Chapter 3)
  • Chapter 3 will completely change the map again
  • The location of “The Seven” will be revealed in Chapter 3
  • Season 8 is to contain the term “The Sideways (theme close to Stranger Things / Introducing monsters to the game)
  • There will be monsters in the game that you can ride

Original leak:

There have not been so many leaks in a long time. Is it all worth believing in? It is known that leaks must always be approached with a grain of salt. In this case, however, the leaker is quite credible, so he may be right on many points.