The date of the 17.20 update to Fortnite is almost certain. Epic has already returned from their holidays and is testing the update

Update 17.20 is now on test servers. So there is no doubt that it will not be held until next week.

After a month of waiting, update 17.20 finally appeared on the test servers. This is very good news for Fortnite players who are waiting for some bigger news than just slight changes in several locations.

At the same time, leakers report that Epic is ahead with updates. At this point, the studio is about to start working on the update marked as 17.40.

What will be the next updates?

If everything goes according to Epic’s standard schedule, then Update 17.20 should be released next Tuesday – July 20, 2021. There are also future updates known:

  • Content update 17.21
  • Update 17.30
  • Update 17.40

So it turns out that the content update will be released after a week, around July 27, 2021. It’s pretty standard after such a break – Epic apparently wants to make up for lost time. The content updates are slightly larger than the hotfixes (the one we had yesterday), while being smaller than the regular patches.