The first official announcement of the new Fortnite Crew in May. What is known?

Epic has already added the first preview of the upcoming Fortnite Crew.

With the end of the month approaching, Epic had to start announcing a new crew as scheduled. Remember that Fortnite has a monthly subscription that includes special, exclusive cosmetic items and V-Bucks.

It looks like the skin will be known with update 16.30. This one will probably take place tomorrow – but we are still waiting for official confirmation.

The first announcement of the Fortnite Crew for May

The announcement tells us nothing. This is a Twitter entry that points to something but doesn’t reveal anything specific.

Even leakers find it difficult to link this to something specific. It is very possible that we are talking about a king because of the crown. The “underworld” does not fit any particular skin, although the community suspects it may be Madcap.

You know, mushrooms grow in the ground. It is not known to what extent the theory is accurate. It will take some time for official confirmation. Madcap has been in the files for a really long time, maybe it is finally coming.