The first trailer of the upcoming Fortnite event has leaked. The date and time of the event were disclosed

It looks like leakers have outsmarted Epic Games once again.

Leakers were able to find very interesting information, revealing a trailer and the specific date of the last live event this season. Indeed, it is confirmed that the event is called “Skyfire”.

Where did this leak come from? Epic itself accidentally published a teaser too early. Nobody caught it, except leakers who write everything down. So this trailer looks like this:

Operation Sky fire in Fortnite

The trailer clearly shows what the whole plan is about. The mothership is likely to be destroyed. In addition to the graphics, the first specific date of the event also appeared. Please note that it is not yet finally confirmed.

September 12 (Sunday), 4 PM EDT.

Source tweet on the topic:

There is nothing groundbreaking in the text itself. We learn that there is a plan to end the invasion. The second entry is simply “You’re in. Time to get ready”.

The page is currently showing an error.

If all this is confirmed, this event will take place in the evening – it is possible that Fortnite will be unavailable for a while afterwards, but these are only theories for now.