The Fortnite icon has been updated on Xbox and Playstation. Preparations for the new season

Epic has updated the icon across devices. However, this is not the main theme, or at least it does not seem like it.

As you probably know, Epic updates Fortnite graphics on Xbox or Playstation before the new seasons. This is usually the main theme of the next season. This time it is more of an event announcement.

Speaking of the announcement of the event, in fact the teaser leak was real. The following graphics appeared on social profiles:

Fortnite icons changed

The graphics are the same everywhere. This is the red Fortnite lettering in alien schematics.

Normally you could even say it’s a fake photo, but there are already normal graphics – the promotional campaign has just started.

Some of the graphics have the Fortnite inscription only, some also have the date. Of course, this is 09/12/2021.

Perhaps the red one will stay with us for a longer time, or maybe it is just a one-time color strictly for this event. However, each season has its own color, so who knows, maybe now it will be this sharp shade of red.