The Fortnite Season 8 trailer warns of something on board

As predicted, players received the first serious trailer for Season 8.

You could have guessed that today a specific trailer for season 8 will be released. In fact, there is a voicemail message on social media that alerts you of something that is supposed to be on the ship.

As we hear, even Slone doesn’t know what it is. At the same time, it is supposed to be the “worst” thing. Is the island in danger of extinction? Will the aliens actually win?

Season 8 trailer

Along with this trailer, graphics have been made available to reveal the main colors of the S8.

There may indeed be red – although so far it is more conjecture than facts. Coming back to this highlight trailer:

So yes, not everyone trusts Slone, the story gets more and more interesting – because there is something on the ship that even Slone does not know of.