The leaks about the cooperation between Fortnite and the Matrix are confirmed. Mustard’s entries

For some time, information has appeared on the web that Fortnite may soon cooperate with the Matrix.

There are so many different types of leaks in the world of Fortnite that it’s hard to believe them all. In fact, however, about 2-3 weeks ago, leakers reported that Neo could be added to Epic’s production.

At that time, the only evidence was actually a screen from a private conversation between leaker and YouTuber. Nobody believed it, and it was quiet before it could develop.

Mustard and his Twitter entries

The scheme of how Donald Mustard operates is very simple. The creative director writes about a movie, series, and then Fortnite collaborates on the basis of this “brand”. This has happened many times in the past, so it may be this time too.

Mustard’s Twitter has several entries about the Matrix Resurrections, you can see that he is excited about the upcoming movie.

This fueled the Neo theory, and insiders report that they have actually seen a green-themed skin before, potentially coming from the Matrix. Of course, nothing has been confirmed and should not be treated as such.

So far, the appearance of the potential skin and the details of the cooperation are not known. It’s just one of the leaks that theoretically agree with what Donald Mustard publishes.