The look of new off-road tires for Fortnite. They can be used after the update

As Epic said, new tires are coming into the game.

Thanks to the update description published by Epic, we knew about the tires since yesterday. Recall that there was a point there:

  • A different look and modification of cars thanks to new vehicle wheels

Now it is known that the new wheels are specifically tires. What is known about them?

However, as for Update 16.20, here is more information:

New off-road tires in Fortnite

It is very possible that these tires will provide extra grip and therefore speed off the asphalt as well. This will be the first modification to be expected.

How the new tires are fitted is as yet unknown, as is how the off-road tires will be unlocked. We will find out all this only after the 16.20 update. The technical break is still ongoing.