The massive complains of Fortnite players brought first results. Epic sent out polls asking about Team Rumble

Epic had to react to such a large wave of negative comments. As a result, special surveys were sent to the players.

We recently wrote about how players have started to complain really hard about the current state of Team Rumble. The changes made were to completely ruin this mode, including the inability to complete challenges on it.

As a result, a survey was sent to players, in which they can indicate how they assess the current state of the mode. It is not known exactly how many people received the survey, but rather Epic did it completely randomly.

Survey sent to players

If you care about this mode, it is worth checking the e-mail and answering the questions. These are two in total (as part of the entire survey). Players are to evaluate this mode and the changes made to it.

Will this somehow translate into a mode adjustment? It is very much possible. The community is rarely as compliant as in this case. Nearly no one speaks positively about Team Rumble.

It is not known if Epic will wait until the next update or if it will introduce a bugfix sooner. So far, it all depends on the responses of players and the developers themselves. They certainly have a plan already, now they just want to make sure it is in line with the will of the community.