The new Fortnite storyline challenges “Trailer’s Storyline” will guide us to the event

Today at 10:00 PM EDT, new challenges will appear in the game, closely related to the Fortnite story.

This is the second time we hear about these challenges. Now, however, thanks to Polish leakers, specifically “KaspolLeaks”, we know what the challenges are in Polish. In fact, the appearance of a helicopter, recordings, or posters on the map is closely related to something called Fortnite in the files.

Trailer’s Storyline

Everything indicates that this is what the challenges will be called. What will they be about?

Update 16.50 at a glance:

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New story challenges

You will be able to complete two challenges today. One for repairing telescopes, the other for the helicopter that came out after update 16.50.

  • Fix broken telescopes 0/5
  • Examine the crashed black helicopter 0/1

You should have no problem completing these challenges. The helicopter is hard to miss.

The next challenges will concern the main plot of the season’s end. They should be expected in the coming days.

  • Use CB radio 0/1
  • Place the warning signs at the circle in the field 0/1
  • Destroy ghostly TV sets 0/5

All of this leads to the end of the season, of course. You can expect a countdown as you complete these challenges.